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Genesis Surgery Center introduces the Relievant  Intracept Procedure

Genesis Surgery Center is excited to announce our physician partner, Dr Richard Ferro, DO, is providing the Relievant Intracept Procedure to our community.

The Intracept Procedure is a minimally invasive, implant free procedure that preserves the overall structure of the spine. The Intracept Procedure is a same-day, outpatient procedure. Patients are under anesthesia, and the procedure generally lasts an hour. The procedure is FDA-cleared and is proven in multiple studies to be safe, effective, and durable.

What is Vertebrogenic Pain?

Vertebrogenic pain is a distinct type of chronic low back pain caused by damage to vertebral endplates, the tissue that covers the top and the bottom of each vertebral body and separates it from the disc.

Vertebral Anatomy

How Long Does Pain Relief Last following the Intracept® Procedure?

Clinical evidence demonstrates the majority of patients experience significant improvements in function and pain 3-months post procedure that are sustained more than 5 years after a single treatment.

How Do I Know If I’m a Candidate for Intracept®?

The Intracept® Procedure is indicated for patients who have had:

  • Chronic low back pain for at least six months,
  • Who have tried conservative care for at least six months, and
  • Whose MRI shows features consistent with Modic changes – indicating damage at the vertebral endplates has led to inflammation.

The Intracept Procedure, as with any procedure, has risks that should be discussed between the patient and medical provider

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